In Celebration of the Season 7 Finale of HBO's "Game of Thrones"

San Francisco's Hottest Pop-Up Dinner
Comes to Silicon Valley!

An Art of Flavor Experience

The Silicon Valley Edition
An "Enhanced" Thematic Immersive Experience

After 7 weeks of sell-out dinners in San Francisco, our last date selling out in less than
3 HOURS after publicly announcing, Art of Flavor is very excited to bring our "Taste of Thrones" experience down the peninsula to Silicon Valley's historical landmark: Corinthian Grand Ballroom showcasing the talents of Chef Arturo Barragan and his own culinary interpretation of the HBO television show phenomenon "Game of Thrones". 

We will be taking everything we have learned and refined after 6 weeks of executed dinners and incredible customer feedback, to deliver the ultimate culminating experience.  And it wouldn't be in the spirit of Silicon Valley without an upgrade, right?  So to build upon our San Francisco event, we will be dramatically "enhancing" the Silicon Valley experience with costumed actors, live entertainment, additional theatrics & decor!  And what more appropriate time for this unique dinner experience than the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 Finale Weekend?  

So come eat like a Stark and drink like a Lannister!



Customer photos from our San Francisco "Taste of Thrones" Experience



"An absolute must if you're a Game of Thrones fan!"

"The atmosphere and theme felt true and authentic."

"Great way to enjoy food in a new and different way. We'll be back!"

"Service was on point and food far exceeded expectations."

"Amazing Experience. Lovely Evening!
We'll be back!"

"Definitely will come again and bring friends!!!"

"Taste of Thrones conquered the seven kingdoms of my stomach!"

 "Everything was wonderful!
Crowns off to the chef!"

"The décor was on point.
The music was on point.
The experience was great!"

"Fantastic quality of food, service and environment for a night out. Would recommend to a friend."

"Great ambiance, great flavor,
a night that Game of Thrones fans
will cherish!"

"It was awesome. The atmosphere, the food, and the people that actually know what you're talking about when it comes to the show."

"A+ on atmosphere and décor."

"Would recommend it to all my friends - GoT fans or not!"

"The drinks were amazing
("Shame" was my favorite!)"

"Shame! If you miss this event!"

"The set up + decorations were totally in theme with G.O.T. and the music was great for the event."

"Enemies to the North, the South, the East, but my table & belly are full
of allies tonight."

"Way better than the Red Wedding!"

"Winter came to Dirty Water."



Brace Yourself...  Dinner is Coming

The Silicon Valley Edition
An "Enhanced" Thematic Immersive Experience

Corinthian Grand Ballroom
196 N 3rd St,
San Jose, CA 95112

Friday Night | August 25, 2017 | 7pm Seating

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Monday Night l July 17, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
Monday Night l July 24, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
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A Feast fit for a King & Queen

Featuring the Medieval Culinary Artwork of

Tyrion’s wine pairings by

Sommelier Paul Abbey

Jon Snow’s bourbon pairings by
Award-Winning Mixologist Jason Seele

Game of Thrones-inspired atmospheric music

Meet other Game of Thrones enthusiasts,
Discuss Season 7 and Sunday night's final episode!

Who will be crowned King of the North?
Who will be Shamed?



~ Costumed Actors & Live Entertainment!
~ Take Your Photo on the Iron Throne!
~ Take your Photo with Daenerys & Her Dragon!
~Enhanced Game of Thrones-inspired decor & ambience!
~ Theatrical Lighting, Visuals & High-Quality Sound!


Seats are extremely limited. 

Last "Taste of Thrones" dinner sold out 3 HOURS after announcing!
So purchase your tickets immediately to secure your spot on the Throne!

Please spread the word to other "Game of Thrones" and "foodie" friends!!!

This is a 21+ event. 


The Taste of Thrones "Enhanced" Experience

"Enhanced Theatrical Fee" is $39.99.  This secures your seat at the throne! 
This is what enables us to "enhance" your experience with costumed actors, live entertainment, taking your photo with the Iron Throne, taking your photo with Daenerys & her dragon, Game of Thrones-inspired decor & ambience, theatrical lighting, visuals and high-quality sound!

Required (Paid Night Of)

4-Course Dinner (see menu below) is $79 (sales tax & gratuity not included)

Optional (Paid Night Of)

Tyrion's wine pairing is $45 (sales tax & gratuity not included)

Jon Snow's bourbon pairing is $45 (sales tax & gratuity not included)

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions?

Due to the unique nature of this medieval feast event,
unfortunately, we cannot make special accommodations for dietary restrictions.





Born and raised in Mexico's Guadalajara, Jalisco, Executive Chef Arturo Barragan decided he wanted to make something of his life. That's when he immigrated to the United States at the age of 15. He got his first job and began his career in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher at restaurant Hoolligan, where he began to watch closely and became passionate about culinary artistry. In 1987, He went on to become a Sous Chef at Fairmont Hotel's Lés Saisons Restaurant and Lounge for 9 years. During these years he also worked at the Silicon Valley Capital Club until he was offered the Executive Chef position at Capitol Club Athletics, which later became Corinthian Grand Ballroom.  Barragan also now serves as Executive Chef for Silicon Valley's other premier event space: The GlassHouse.   During his long culinary career, Barragan has had the pleasure to serve many famous names such as Clint Eastwood, Jerry Rice and former 49ers coach Bill Walsh. He's cooked for many other famous NFL players, politicians, and senior executives from well known company's such as Cisco Systems, Google, Universal Records and many more.  Being a huge GoT fan, Barragan is delighted to apply his culinary artistry towards a "Game of Thrones" inspired dinner!



Paul Abbey brings over 18 years experience in the wine and spirits industry.  He is a certified sommelier, certified wine specialist, as well as a wine & spirits education trust.  Currently, Abbey is the sommelier for the SAP Center and San Jose Sharks and has hosted high-end wine-tasting events for some of Silicon Valley's top senior executives in the tech industry.  Abbey has previously served as sommelier for Art of Flavor's extremely successful pop-up wine bar & live music lounge "Oak & Barrel" in 2016.  His incredible knowledge of wine, his very talented public speaking skills and his witty sense of humor make him the perfect candidate to curate and lead our "Taste of Thrones" Tyrion Lannister wine-pairing experience!



Jason Seele is considered one of the top mixologists in the Bay Area. He is most famous for skyrocketing to stardom the handcrafted cocktail bar “Jack Rose Libation House” in Los Gatos. Under his creative direction, Jack Rose has won multiple awards for its bar program, including Best Cocktail Bar in the South Bay.  Seele has also had great success in national and international cocktail competitions, competing and winning King of the Stick, Master of the Mule, The Real McCoy, finishing in the top of the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience, the International Bacardi Legacy, and one of 15 best West Coast bartenders at the most prestigious cocktail competition in the world: World Class.  Seele's tremendous knowledge of bourbons makes him the perfect candidate to curate and lead our "Taste of Thrones" Jon Snow bourbon-pairing experience!


196 N 3rd St, San Jose, CA 95112

Located in the heart of historic downtown San Jose, this 1924 landmark was originally built as a Scottish Rite Temple serving the Masonic Order.  Today it serves as one of the most breathtaking event spaces in Silicon Valley.  As guests walk up its broad granite steps, past the enormous urns and soaring columns, they'll be impressed by the stately elegance of its neoclassic design. That sense of awe only increases as you enter the Grand Ballroom, designed with majestic features such as a 60-foot ceiling has massive wood beams and is inset with alternating panes of blue glass and intricately detailed panels of gold leaf grillwork. Six extraordinary wrought-iron and glass lanterns hang from the ceiling like giant luminous earrings.  At one end of the room is a stage with a carved stone proscenium framed by red velvet curtains. At the other end is a carved granite balcony.  The extraordinary building also hosts a gorgeous bar lounge with hand-painted mural ceilings, wrought-iron chandeliers, a fireplace, candles and ornate wood fixtures to give a lot of warmth to the room.  A fun Hollywood trivia fact: Corinthian Grand Ballroom was featured in the 1997 film "Mad City" starring Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta! 

Visit Corinthian Grand Ballroom Website







Seats are extremely limited. 
Last "Taste of Thrones" dinner sold out 3 HOURS after announcing!
So purchase your tickets immediately to secure your spot on the Throne!

Please spread the word to other "Game of Thrones" and "foodie" friends!!!



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