In Celebration of the Season 7 Premiere of HBO's "Game of Thrones"

An Art of Flavor Experience

The 2nd Annual Serving

After the tremendous success of our first "Taste of Thrones" dinner at Dirty Water Restaurant last year selling out in advance and receiving overwhelming positive feedback from customers who attended, The Art of Flavor is proud to announce our 2nd Annual "Taste of Thrones" at Dirty Water Restaurant showcasing the talents of Chef Edwin Sandoval and his own culinary interpretation of the HBO television show phenomenon "Game of Thrones".

So come eat like a Stark and drink like a Lannister!






"An absolute must if you're a Game of Thrones fan!"

"The atmosphere and theme felt true and authentic."

"A+++ Service!"

"Location was perfectly selected for the theme."

"Great way to enjoy food in a new and different way. We'll be back!"

"Service was on point and food far exceeded expectations."

"Amazing Experience. Lovely Evening!
We'll be back!"

"Definitely will come again and bring friends!!!"

"Taste of Thrones conquered the seven kingdoms of my stomach!"

 "Everything was wonderful!
Crowns off to the chef!"

"The décor was on point.
The music was on point.
The experience was great!"

"Fantastic quality of food, service and environment for a night out. Would recommend to a friend."

"Great ambiance, great flavor,
a night that Game of Thrones fans
will cherish!"

"It was awesome. The atmosphere, the food, and the people that actually know what you're talking about when it comes to the show."

"The drinks were amazing
("Shame" was my favorite!)"

"Would recommend it to all my friends - GoT fans or not!"

"The Winterfell corn chowder was one of the best soups I have ever had."

"A+ on atmosphere and décor."

"Shame! If you miss this event!"

"The set up + decorations were totally in theme with G.O.T. and the music was great for the event."

"Enemies to the North, the South, the East, but my table & belly are full
of allies tonight."

"Service was spectacular!"

"Way better than the Red Wedding!"

"Winter came to Dirty Water."



Brace Yourself...  Dinner is Coming

Monday Night | August 28, 2017 | 7pm Seating
Monday Night l July 17, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
Monday Night l July 24, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
Monday Night l July 31, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
Monday Night l August 7, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
Monday Night l August 14, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
Monday Night l August 21, 2017 l 7pm Seating  SOLD OUT!!!

A Feast fit for a King & Queen

Featuring the Medieval Culinary Artwork of

Tyrion’s wine pairings by

Sommelier Tara Herrick

Jon Snow’s craft beer pairings by
Edo Escobedo

Game of Thrones-inspired atmospheric music

Meet other Game of Thrones enthusiasts,
Discuss Sunday night's new episode!

Who will be crowned King of the North?
Who will be Shamed?

Dirty Water
1355 Market St. Suite 180
San Francisco

Seats are extremely limited. 
Last "Taste of Thrones" dinners sold out 36 HOURS after announcing!
So purchase your tickets immediately to secure your spot on the Throne!

Please spread the word to other "Game of Thrones" and "foodie" friends!!!



The Taste of Thrones Experience

4-Course Dinner w/ amuse bouche & complimentary "Game of Thrones" inspired cocktail (see menu below)
$79 (sales tax & gratuity not included)

Tyrion's wine pairing is $45 (sales tax & gratuity not included)

Jon Snow's craft beer pairing is $15 (sales tax & gratuity not included)

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions?

Due to the unique nature of this medieval feast event,
unfortunately, we cannot make special accommodations for dietary restrictions.





As Executive Chef of Dirty Water, Edwin Sandoval is focusing on redefining American cuisine. With his love of San Francisco's beautiful produce and his love for the unexpected, Edwin has merged together the Bay Area's bounty with big game meats, like antelope and wild boar.

Sandoval has had a long career in the culinary industry. He graduated from the San Francisco Culinary Academy and gained valuable experience working for Michelin rated restaurants throughout the Bay Area. Most importantly was Sandoval's work at Madera in Menlo Park under the guidance of Chef Anna Batista. Here, he learned the ins and outs of California fine dining and grew a deep appreciation for seasonal produce. From there, Sandoval was Executive Sous Chef at Americano, in San Francisco's Hotel Vitale where he switched his focus to whole animal butchery. But it wasn't until he joined Dirty Water that Edwin began working with wild game meats, melding their flavors with Bay Area fruits and vegetables.  Sandoval is delighted to apply his culinary artistry towards a "Game of Thrones" inspired dinner!



Located in the 1937 Art Deco Twitter building in San Francisco's new, blazing hot Mid-Market tech gulch, all the buzz is about Dirty Water.  A $4 million project named after the pre-Prohibition term for moonshine, this beautiful restaurant and bar remarkably exceeds just being another great craft cocktail spot.  Dirty Water boasts over 52 craft beers on tap and features over 100 sommelier selected wines by the glass that you are encouraged to explore with flights and small taste options.  However, what distinguishes Dirty Water as a "must try" is its progressive menu highlighting wild game which helped win them a 2015 Diner's Choice Award.


Visit Dirty Water Website







Seats are extremely limited. 
Last "Taste of Thrones" dinners sold out 36 HOURS after announcing!
So purchase your tickets immediately to secure your spot on the Throne!

Please spread the word to other "Game of Thrones" and "foodie" friends!!!



Where chefs are artists, your plate their canvas, your meal their masterpiece.

The Art of Flavor turns restaurant dining into a ticketed culinary experience.  Art of Flavor gives chefs the opportunity to artistically express themselves to culinary thrill seekers.  Chefs are creatively challenged to design their own unprecedented dining experience into a one-of-a-kind event. Culinary artwork becomes not only about stunning plate presentations, but also about innovative flavor profiles and progressive cooking techniques. The Art of Flavor creates an intimate opportunity to get to know chefs as they lead a culinary journey, course by course, narrating and educating guests on each plate's origins, inspirations, philosophies, ingredients and techniques.

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